Docomo Docomo Emoji Sets

Docomo Emoji sets are a collection of emoticons and smileys that were created by NTT Docomo, a Japanese mobile carrier. These emoji sets were introduced in the late 1990s and have since become widely used around the world. The Docomo Emoji sets include a variety of characters, symbols, and images that can be used to express different emotions, ideas, and concepts.

Some of the most popular Docomo Emoji sets include the Classic Emoji set, which features simple black and white emoticons; the Big Emoji set, which includes larger versions of the Classic Emoji; and the Animated Emoji set, which features moving images. The Docomo Emoji sets also include a wide range of special characters, such as flags, weather symbols, and food items.

One of the unique features of the Docomo Emoji sets is their use of Japanese culture and iconography. Many of the emoji in these sets feature traditional Japanese imagery, such as cherry blossoms, sumo wrestlers, and sushi. This has helped to make the Docomo Emoji sets popular not only in Japan, but also among Japanese culture enthusiasts around the world.