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8 New Emoji in Unicode 16.0

8 New Emojis to Expect in Unicode 16.0

8 days ago

Discover the latest additions in Unicode 16.0, including 8 new emojis such as Face with Bags Under Eyes, Fingerprint, Leafless Tree, Root Vegetable, Harp, Shovel, Splatter, and Flag of Sark

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iPhone with the Genmoji maker app on iOS 18

Create Custom Emojis with Genmoji on iOS 18: Everything You Need to Know

1 month ago

Learn how to use Genmoji on iOS 18 to create personalized emojis using AI technology. Find out how Genmoji works and which iPhones and devices support this innovative feature.

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A boy sitting at the table and looking on the Stranger Things Emojis

Decoding Stranger Things Emoji

5 months ago

Uncover the Upside Down world of Hawkins, Indiana, through emojis! Dive into the fascinating fusion of the hit Netflix series 'Stranger Things' and the universal language of emojis

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Emoji kitchen combos part 2

The Most Bizarre Emoji Kitchen Combos. Part 2

5 months ago

Get ready for another dive into the wild world of emoji kitchen world! In this thrilling sequel, we'll explore a whole new realm of inventive mashups, ranging from food and drink to activities, and travel destinations

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Emoji kitchen combos

The Most Bizarre Emoji Kitchen Combos. Part 1

5 months ago

We delve into the realm of Emoji Kitchen to uncover some of the most peculiar and unexpected mashups that have emerged, offering a glimpse into the playful and inventive world of digital expression.

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