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saluting face

This emoji is depicted as a person in a salute position, with their right hand raised to their forehead. It is commonly used...

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thinking face

This emoji, called "Thinking Face," depicts a facial expression of someone deeply engaged in thought or contemplation. It can be used to convey...

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face with open eyes and hand over mouth

The 🫒 facepalming emoji depicts a person covering their face with their hand, as if in embarrassment, frustration, or disbelief. It can be...

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shushing face

The emoji "🀫" is called "shushing face." It depicts a face with a finger over its lips, conveying the message to be quiet...

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face with hand over mouth

The emoji "🀭" is called "Face With Hand Over Mouth." It depicts a person covering their mouth, often in surprise, shock, or disbelief....

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face with peeking eye

This emoji, depicting a face with a hand over its mouth, is often used to convey surprise, shock, or embarrassment. It may indicate...

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hugging face

The "hugging face" emoji, πŸ€—, depicts a stylized face with closed eyes and a broad, closed-mouth smile. It is used to express various...

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Whether you're feeling happy, sad, surprised, or any other emotion in between, our face hand Emoji category has got you covered. With a wide range of emojis to choose from, you can easily express yourself in a fun and visual way. From classic smiley faces to more specific emotions like love, anger, and fear, these emojis are perfect for adding some extra personality to your texts, chats, and social media posts. So go ahead and explore our selection of face hand Emojis - your conversations will never be the same again!