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The emoji "🍓" is a strawberry, a small, red, and juicy fruit that is widely consumed fresh or used in various dishes. In...

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The pineapple emoji, depicted as a stylized image of a pineapple, is often used to represent tropical settings or vacation vibes. It can...

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The emoji 🍊 depicts a bright orange citrus fruit, which is typically known as an orange. It can be used to convey the...

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The emoji 🥭 depicts a mango, a juicy stone fruit that is popular in tropical regions around the world. This emoji can be...

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The 🍎 emoji is a picture of a red apple, often used to represent fruit, healthy eating, or education. It is commonly used...

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The cherry emoji, 🍒, depicts a bright red, round fruit with a dimple at the top and a small green stem. This emoji...

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The emoji "🍉" is called "Watermelon." It represents a sliced piece of watermelon, often depicted with a vibrant green exterior and juicy red...

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The emoji "🫒" is called " olive, green " in the Unicode Standard. It depicts a small, green olive fruit, commonly used in...

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The emoji "🥝" is known as "kiwi fruit." It depicts a fuzzy, oval-shaped green fruit with distinctive thin, white stripes, and tiny black...

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The emoji 🍐 depicts a pear, a type of fruit that is typically elongated and has a sweet, slightly gritty texture. This emoji...

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This emoji depicts a Japanese persimmon, a type of fruit that is sweet and slightly tangy. It is often used to represent the...

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The emoji 🍌 represents a banana, a popular fruit known for its yellow color and curved shape. It is often used in text...

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The emoji 🍋 depicts a yellow lemon, a sour and tangy citrus fruit. It is often used to represent sour or bitter tastes,...

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The emoji 🍅 depicts a bright red, ripe tomato. This emoji is often used to represent fresh produce, healthy eating, or gardening. It...

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The emoji 🥥 depicts a coconut, a type of fruit that grows on palm trees and has a hard, brown shell with white...

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The emoji 🫐 depicts a blueberry, a small, round fruit that is dark purple or blue in color when ripe. It is often...

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The emoji 🍇 represents a grape, a small, round fruit that comes in many colors and is often used to make wine, juice,...

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The emoji "🍋‍🟩" is a combination of a yellow lemon and a green square. This emoji is not officially recognized by the Unicode...

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green apple

The emoji 🍏 represents a red apple, a fruit that is widely consumed and enjoyed around the world. This emoji is often used...

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The peach emoji, 🍑, is a stylized representation of a juicy, fuzzy peach fruit. It is often used to represent the fruit itself,...

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From savory burgers 🍔 to refreshing cocktails 🍹 and delectable sushi 🍣, this category offers a mouthwatering array of culinary delights. Whether you're sharing recipes, planning a meal, or simply expressing your love for food, these emojis add flavor and fun to your digital conversations. Explore the collection, tantalize your taste buds, and let your messages sizzle with culinary charm