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The emoji 🦀 depicts a crab, a crustacean that is commonly found in oceans and eaten as a seafood delicacy in many parts...

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The emoji 🦞 depicts a cooked lobster, specifically a red king crab. This emoji is often used to represent seafood dishes or to...

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This emoji is a depiction of a scallop, a type of shellfish. It is often used to represent food or cooking, due to...

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The emoji 🦐 depicts a shrimp, a small, decapod crustacean that is widely consumed and used in various cuisines around the world. This...

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The emoji 🦑 depicts a squid, a marine cephalopod known for its long tentacles and ability to change the color and texture of...

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From savory burgers 🍔 to refreshing cocktails 🍹 and delectable sushi 🍣, this category offers a mouthwatering array of culinary delights. Whether you're sharing recipes, planning a meal, or simply expressing your love for food, these emojis add flavor and fun to your digital conversations. Explore the collection, tantalize your taste buds, and let your messages sizzle with culinary charm