flag: Estonia (U+1F1EA-1F1EA)

EEflagflag: estonia

The emoji "🇪🇪" is the flag for Estonia, a country located in Northern Europe. It is composed of three horizontal stripes of equal width, with the top stripe being dark blue, the middle stripe being black, and the bottom stripe being white. Estonia is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and advanced technology sector. This emoji can be used to represent Estonia, its people, or anything related to the country. It is also commonly used in social media and online communication to show support or connection to Estonia.

flag: Estonia emoji text examples

  • 🇪🇪 "Let's plan a trip to Estonia! 🛫🏨 We can explore the beautiful old town in Tallinn 🏙️, try some local cuisine 🍲, and visit the stunning Lahemaa National Park 🏞️. Can't wait to experience the culture and history of this amazing country! 🇪🇪"
  • 🇪🇪 "I'm so proud of my Estonian heritage! 💚 My grandparents grew up in Tartu 🏠 and always told me stories about their childhood there. I love learning more about my roots and sharing them with others. 📚💬"
  • 🇪🇪 "I'm excited to try some new Estonian recipes! 🍽️ I've heard that the black rye bread 🍞 and sauerkraut soup 🥣 are delicious. I'll have to give them a try and see for myself! 😋"
  • 🇪🇪 "I'm so grateful for the beautiful nature in Estonia. 🌿🌲 From the forests and lakes 🏞️ to the coastline and islands 🏝️, there's always something new to explore. I feel so at peace when I'm surrounded by this natural beauty. 🥰"
  • 🇪🇪 "I'm always impressed by the innovative technology coming out of Estonia. 💻 From Skype 📞 to TransferWise 💰, this small country is making a big impact on the world. I can't wait to see what they come up with next! 🚀"

flag: Estonia emoji popularity

Overall usage trend: increasing.
flag: Estonia emoji ranks 217th among all 1950 emojis.
flag: Estonia emoji ranks 32nd within the flags category among a total of 269 emojis.
flag: Estonia emoji ranks 32nd within the country-flag subcategory among a total of 258 emojis.

flag: Estonia emoji in other languages:

  • 🇩🇪 german: Flagge: Estland
  • 🇨🇳 chinese: 旗: 愛沙尼亞
  • 🇺🇦 ukrainian: прапор: Естонія
  • 🇫🇷 french: drapeau : Estonie
  • 🇸🇦 arabic: العلم: استونيا
  • 🇯🇵 japan: 旗: エストニア
  • 🇪🇸 spanish: bandera: Estonia

flag: Estonia emoji 🇪🇪 in Other Platforms

EmojiOne (1.0)
flag: Estonia on platform EmojiOne
Google (android-5.0)
flag: Estonia on platform Google
Apple (ios-8.3)
flag: Estonia on platform Apple
Skype (1.2)
flag: Estonia on platform Skype
Twitter (twemoji-2.0)
flag: Estonia on platform Twitter
LG (g5)
flag: Estonia on platform LG
EmojiDex (1.0.14)
flag: Estonia on platform EmojiDex
Samsung (touchwiz-7.0)
flag: Estonia on platform Samsung
Facebook (2.0)
flag: Estonia on platform Facebook
Whatsapp (2.17)
flag: Estonia on platform Whatsapp
OpenMoji (12.0)
flag: Estonia on platform OpenMoji
JoyPixels (5.5)
flag: Estonia on platform JoyPixels
EmojiTwo (1.0)
flag: Estonia on platform EmojiTwo
Telegram (telemoji-march-2023)
flag: Estonia on platform Telegram
BlobMoji (15.1)
flag: Estonia on platform BlobMoji